Pancodix Studio is a studio for custom software solutions development. We will be glad to develop for the needs of your business a website or webservice, mobile application, custom Windows PC program or any integrated IT solution.

Before we make anything for you, we always start from listening to you attentively. Your goals, demands and problems will become ours, and our knowledges, experience and proficiency will become yours. Such a partnership based on the keen insight into the heart of the matter of your business engenders the consolidated vision and understanding of the objective point. From the product's concept, along the time of development and till its testing and launch we'll be going beside each other, implementing our master plan in the program code. That's why you get just what you need as the result.

We offer:

Webservices and websites of any complexity

Business automation software for Windows

Native mobile applications for Android (Java)

Hybrid crossplatform mobile HTML5-applications

Integrated multicomponent solutions Web+Desktop+Mobile

Our services

Turnkey solutions

Our software development services for a fixed price offer you the assurance of unchanged costs and deadlines of our work, without losing the quality or flexibility of the implementation. In contrast to traditional fixed-price development, we do not restrict you if you want to make changes to the specifications during the development process. We offer you the freedom to make changes, but on the other hand we remain committed to the work deadlines and your specifications.

Dedicated professional

If you need long-term development and support of a software product, we offer you to hire one (or more) of our specialists who will work full-time or part-time exclusively on your project. In addition, throughout the entire development period, the performers do not change. The value of this approach lies in the fact that the developer deeply understands the needs of your project and accumulates knowledge related to its implementation and operation.

Technologies we use

Team core
  • Project manager & Lead software developer

Oleksandr Kukliuk

  • Network engineer and software developer

Andriy Gromadchenko

  • Leading graphic designer

Pavlo Shuliak

Our expertise

Our clients about us

Vadim Pecheritsa Vedius Soft s.r.o., CEO

Oleksandr is a good programmer who worked hard with our complex high-load project and made a lot of useful changes. The code produced by Oleksandr is reliable and bug-free.

Ilya Chernetsov D.I.C. Onsite s.r.o., CEO

Oleksandr Kukliuk as a leader of Pancodix Team approved himself as a high-qualified professional, since he and his team developed from scratch and provided the further development and technical service for several years to our complex web-service for collecting and processing of customer reviews. We are very satisfied with this cooperation and we wish the same qualified and reliable partners to everyone, who is searching for the development team.

Yuri Palenka Lutsk Express, CEO

Oleksandr Kukliuk and Pancodix team have developed for our company a big and complex CRM system, which fully matches the special aspects of our business, as well as the online ticketing webservice, integrated with the CRM. The staff training was also undertaken, the system works reliably and the team of developers is worth the best testimonials.

Joerg Guetter 3Core Elements Gmbh, CEO

Our company is absolutely glad to cooperate with Pancodix Team and its CEO Oleksandr Kukliuk. As part of our partnership we have created jointly a big variety of mobile applications for customer support, social networking, video-podcasting as well as several original image-websites. The team and its leader are always responsible and reliable, and we hope to continue the joint progress.

Oksana Pakhnyuk Voyage Lux, CEO

Our company cooperates with Pancodix team since 2003, and during this time we had enough opportunities to make sure of the high professionalism and reliability of this team. Accordingly to the demands of our business, a complex CRM software, a website with online ticketing and a mobile application have been developed. These products work reliably, helping our business to develop successfully.

Ihor Benesiuk PromEko, CEO

The team of Pancodix, headed by Oleksandr Kukluk, during many years of cooperation has proven to be a reliable and highly professional partner. Based on our unique methodology, an original software for calculating the heat losses of buildings was created. Also, the visualization of environment pollution with harmful substances was successfully developed. We consider Pancodix Studio worthy of the best recommendations.

Natalya Gerasimova NPO "MIT", CEO

The NPO "MIT" expresses gratitude to the Pancodix Software Solutions Studio and its director Alexander Kukliuk for the professionalism and reliability shown in the development of the solution to promote our products on the Internet

Yuri Artyukhov Vita Gold, CEO

The Vita Gold Company expresses its gratitude to the Pancodix Software Solutions Studio and personally to the Director Alexander Kuklyuk for his significant contribution to the development of our business in the form of quality and presentable websites for the marketing of our products. The prompt decision of tasks and the thoughtful approach allow to hope for the further fruitful cooperation.