The Pancodix team gained significant experience in developing of realty classified bulletin boards, which have the following properties:

  • Self-service. User creates, edits and deletes his ads himself; there are also administrative instruments for premoderation;
  • Scalability. Any quantity of similar websites can be built on a single database; each site is oriented to its particular city, taking into account special characteristics of that city. However it is possible, to create a portal based on the shared database, which represents in the national scale the whole array of information, gathered by "domestic" websites;
  • Communication capacity. Each website allows its users to exchange private messages within itself;
  • Simplicity. The instruments of the website are simple, compact and intuitive;
  • Unity. Through the Sphinx cloud authentication system a user, who signs up to one site of system, becomes registered for all sites for other cities.

Below are some screenshots of the system.

Main view of the homepage of one of system's sites

Inserting/updating ad screen

Search results screen