Our team gained a significant experience during more than 10 years in the automation of busines processes for passenger services. Particularly, for bus carriers in several regions of Ukraine have been implemented ticketing webservices, which work in integration with the passenger service CRM "Autoline".

Incoming inquiry processing

If the passenger wants to pay for his ticket with cash at the place, in this case operator can decide, whether to accept or to decline the request. The clients will be informed about the operator's decision automatically with e-mail or SMS.

Availability of places

The system allows to display at the website or mobile application the actual information, particularly the current schedule and availability of places


The client himself inputs the data necessary for booking

Variety of payment ways

A passenger can pay for booking with cash at the boarding (in this case the booking is processed by operator). One may also pay for the booking with a bank card or cash terminal (in this case the booking is being processed automatically and the passenger receives the ticket on his e-mail)

Picking a place

A passenger can choose a preferable place

The view of e-ticket

QR-code contains a specific fraud-protection information.

Flexible settings

The system has a great amount of different options, which allow flexible management of ticketing

Controlled through CRM

The system allows to control ticketing data. Unpayed tickets will be purged in the certain span of time.