The Pancodix team has accumulated experience in the realm of software development for passenger service automation. Our proficiency allows us in any case to build the software solution, that fully matches the special aspects of your business and takes into consideration the outlook of future development.

One of the examples of such a solution is the "Autoline" software package, which consist of complex CRM-system and server backend core, based on PostgreSQL DBMS. This software allows to establish the interoperation, based on its API, with other systems, websites, mobile applications, different helper programs.

Program functionality
  • Multi-terminal architecture;
  • Bookin lists management;
  • Automated and flexible discount management;
  • Phone blacklist catching;
  • Big variety of printable documents;
  • Convenient and flexible work with tickets;
  • Quick receipt and processing of online booking inquiries;
  • Call-center functionality, integrated with booking procedure (if any VoIP-gateway is available);
  • Online ticketing, payed with bank cards or cash terminals ;
  • Automated SMS confirmations;
  • Tracing user actions;
  • Mobile version for embarkment managers/stewards/coach drivers;
  • Interoperability with websites and mobile applications, exposing the actual timetable and availability of places;
  • Statistics and reports;
  • Flexible settings and remote updates.

In the course of more than 10 years of active operation in several bus companies of Ukraine this software proved itself to be a flexible and reliable solution for passenger carriers.

Below are some screenshots of this software.

Main view of the workspace

The user interface is common and intuitive

Booking dialogue

Booking dialogue is intended to provide the quickest booking inquiry processing.

Powerful analytics

Different reports allow the company management to analyse the financial figures of the company

Client catalogue

Powerful instruments of the client base management allow conveniently store and manage a big amount of specific data

Online queue

The instruments for processing the online inquiries allow quickly and conveniently manipulate the incoming bookings stream

Flexible settings

The program has a big amount of options, which allow fine-tuning according to client's demands.