The Pancodix team has developed the multicomponent and succesfully working till now webservice for gathering and processing customer's reviews and comments.

The system consists of:

  • API-module (implemented for well-known webcommerce-solutions, such as 1C-Bitrix, Insales, Amiro, UMI.CMS, Simpla, Joomla/VirtueMart etc., as well as for custom solutions in PHP and C#), which gathers the purchasing data and sends them to the server;
  • Backend-core, that receives requests from API-module, sends to customer the invite to review the purchase by several criterias, accepts review data and provides its further processing;
  • Client's private area, which allows to control incoming thread of reviews, organize the communication between the webshop and customers, analyze the results visually, change several customizable settings;
  • The result page, which demonstrates gathered results to potential customers;
  • The widget, which can be embedded into client's website to demonstrate results and the best comments;
  • Facebook-application for exposing the result page in the Facebook business account;
  • Administrative interface for the flexible controlling the work of the service and premoderation of reviews;
  • Banner rotating subsystem for the follow-up advertising on the pages of result, voting and thanks for voting;
  • Coupon voting subsystem for offline-businesses;
  • Quiz subsystem for gathering and publishing of reviews and comments in course of different events (forums, conferences etc) and other helper components.

Below are several screenshots of the system

Private zone: reviews

The functionality of private zone allows answer the client's comments, publish these dialogues on the result page, complain on the unfair comments, settle conflicts between shop and customer through intermediary of the service moderator.

Private zone: statistics

The private zone has a powerful functionality, which allows to analyze and process gathered array if information.

Private zone: settings

The options set of the private zone allows user to customize service behavior

Result page

Gathered reviews and comments are displayed on the result page


The result page easily embeds into your Facebook business account via a small application

Administrative application

Administrative subsystem has a lot of options and info processing instruments

AdWell: banner rotating subsystem

Banner rotating subsystem Adwell allows to demonstrate the follow-up advertising (defined by client as well as system-defined) of different formats on the result page, vote pages and "thank you for your vote" page.

Thanks for your vote

After the voting a user can see the follow-up advertising with similar goods and publish his review in the social networks.

Widget with results

Client can embed into his site the widget with his results and the best comments, to demonstrate it to his potential customers.