Not relying on third-party products, the Pancodix team has developed its own backend-framework, which allows quickly and qualitatively create any light, powerful and reliable backend-components of any webservices or mobile applications. The framework is oriented for the interoperation with MySQL databases; in case of developing a high-load system we prefer PostgreSQL. Any other type of database is also possible, as well as a simultaneous work with databases of different types.

Th experience of the Pancodix team in working, supporting and reconstructing of third-party projects suggests, that a lot of modern (especially young) developers disregard the elementary rules of proper building a database. In the most cases, our investigations of user's complaint for low performance of a system or "tardiness" of the code finished with our conclusion about structural (or even worse — logical) faults at the stage of database design, made by our preceding "colleagues": wrong structure and format of tables, wrong types of fields, incorrect (or absolute missing) indexes and foreign keys, lack of normalization, what is direct consequence of other error — lack of scrutinizing the matter.

Our method — to listen to our client thoroughly, to gain the keen insight with the details of our client's business logic, and only after that to start coding something — founds its direct implementation in the developing of backends. We always start with the proper design of the database, whose structure must fully and precisely model the logic of the client's business. Relying highly on the functionaliyu of th DBMS and endeavouring to make the program code as light as possible, we reach the system performance, that won't be a subject of user's complaints during all the time of service.