The AdWell banner rotation system has been created by Pancodix team while developing the webservice for gathering and processing customer reviews SafeOnlineReputation, as one of its additional services. But this system was from scratch meant to be standalone. Such implementation gave the opportunities to use the system also for other projects. This system is mostly oriented for owners of several (or several dozens) websites, who want to rotate the advertisement itself, not relying on global advertising services.

Below are some screenshots of AdWell system.

Main view of the administrative interface and the catalogue of clients

Adjusting the advertising space

Adjusting the advertising campaign

Adding a banner to the campaign

Adding goods to the banner

Except "traditional" media-banners — images, flash-animations, videos — the system supports the particular type of banners — "goods list". Such a banner displays photos, names, descriptions and prices of goods by their URLs from the advertiser's website

View of "list of goods" banner in the advertising place